Did you secure a buyer for your car but misplaced the Title? Looking to obtain a Title Loan but can’t recall where you left it? Or perhaps you recently got married and want to update your name on your vehicle Title and Registration. Brothers can assist!

  1. DUPLICATE TITLES: If you’ve lost your Title, fret not, as Brothers can help you get a duplicate. Just bring in your VIN number, Driver’s License, and lien release (if applicable), and we’ll arrange for a duplicate to be mailed to you within three to five business days.
  2. RECONSTRUCTED/SALVAGED TITLES: Purchased your vehicle back from the insurance after it was labeled a “Total Loss”? Brothers can help you apply for a “Reconstructed Title” and provide your new plate. Typically, you’ll need the Title, Physical Inspection, repair receipts (if available), and insurance proof. We’ll handle the remaining paperwork to get your vehicle legal and back on the road swiftly.
  3. RELEASE/RECORD LIENS: Recently settled your vehicle’s payment? Brothers can guide you in removing the Lienholder from the Title, making future sales (and ordering duplicates if lost) simpler. We can also help record a lien on a vehicle used as loan collateral. Just bring the Original Title with Lien Release or Security Instrument and a photo ID.
  4. SALVAGE RETENTION: If your vehicle is deemed a total wreck post-accident and subsequent insurance claim, you must apply for a salvaged and reconstructed title and acquire a new license plate. Brothers will get you prepared and guide you every step of the way. A physical inspection by a state-licensed police officer and other documents, contingent on the repair specifics, will be necessary. We’re here to clarify Rebuilt Salvaged Vehicles and Salvage Retention policies. Reach out to our amiable team for assistance.

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