Do you need to have something notarized?

In Louisiana, a notary must witness your signing the document.

Brother’s Title provides that service for you. The Louisiana Office of Motor Vehicles mandates the notarization of numerous transactions before they are processed. If you are selling a vehicle, transferring a title, needing an affidavit, or simply having something notarized, our notaries at Brother’s Title can help.

In Louisiana, Civil Law Notaries possess extensive authority that is often granted only to lawyers in other states. They have the capability to craft, arrange, and finalize affidavits, acknowledgments, and Authentic Acts, functioning as a pivotal legal beacon in the community. This power entrusts them with responsibilities that reach far into the legal fabric of the state, allowing them to administer oaths and affirmations, prepare conveyance acts, and even draft matrimonial agreements. Brothers Insurance notaries bring this high level of legal proficiency to your doorstep, ensuring that the formalities of your important documents are executed with the utmost care and legal rigor.

The necessity for a notary touches many areas of daily life, often when the stakes are highest. Whether you’re finalizing a mortgage, transferring a title, establishing a power of attorney, or need a will notarized, our licensed professionals are equipped to handle these matters with the confidentiality and legality they require. Brothers Insurance understands the gravity of these tasks and stands ready to provide notarial services that are not only convenient but executed with the precision and authority that the law demands.

  • Affidavits
  • Act of Donations
  • Bill of Sales
  • Power of Attorney
  • And Many More…

Our Notaries are Always Ready to Officiate Your Documents

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