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Frequently asked questions

Can I get a TIP card?2023-11-09T17:34:04+00:00
  • No, the TIP card has to be issued by the Office of Motor Vehicles.
  • We can do the following upgrades with written and driving test documentation
    • TIP to Learner’s PERMIT.
    • Learner’s Permit to Intermediate License if under 17 yrs of age.
    • Learner’s Permit to Full License if over 17 yrs of age.
Do I need a bill of sale to transfer a title in Louisiana?2023-11-09T17:31:12+00:00
  • If it is a Louisiana sale, then a bill of sale is needed for a second or later assignment.
Can I transfer my title with an ID?2023-11-09T17:30:36+00:00
  • We can process a title transfer with either and ID or Driver’s License.
What do I need to transfer a title from another state?2023-11-09T17:30:04+00:00

To register an out of state title we require the title to be notarized in that state, or have a copy of both front and back of seller’s driver’s license, and a bill or sale, or act of donation.

Who can get a duplicate title?2023-11-09T17:29:29+00:00
  • Only the person whose name is on the front of a title can receive a duplicate of a title.
  • If another person requests the duplicate title, Vehicle Application (form 1799), and permission to process (form 1806) must have the owner’s signature. Form 1799 must be notarized.
Can I renew the registration for my friend or family member?2023-11-09T17:27:47+00:00

Yes, print the vehicle application 1799 form, and form 1806, the permission to process a transaction form. Bring in both of these forms signed by the vehicle owner and a copy of the owner’s proof of insurance.


Do I need insurance to get a license plate?2023-11-09T17:24:17+00:00
  • Yes, proof of insurance is required to get a license plate.
Do I need insurance to register a vehicle?2023-11-09T17:23:40+00:00
  • Yes, proof of insurance is required to register a vehicle.
What are some of the notary services you provide?2023-10-18T19:42:54+00:00
  • Bill of sale
  • Act of Donation
  • Affidavits of every kind
  • Affidavits of Heirship
  • Generic Affidavits
Do you have a notary?2023-10-18T19:42:27+00:00
  • Yes
Can you take payment for a no insurance flag?2023-11-13T19:26:41+00:00
  • Yes, if you can pay the entire amount due.
What do I need to get a handicap tag?2023-11-09T17:32:35+00:00
  • To obtain a hang tag for a mobility-impaired person, the following must be submitted:  A Physician’s Certification of Mobility Impairment form (for handicap placards and license plates), DPSMV 1966, which has been completed by the mobility impaired individual’s physician.


What do I need to change my address on my driver’s license?2023-10-18T19:41:04+00:00
  • You will need your name on one of the following:
    • Voter’s registration card with the correct address
    • Bill, utility, or phone
    • Bank statement
    • Driver’s license of the person you live with
    • Check stub
    • For a complete list, click here.
Can I change my name on my driver’s license at your location?2023-10-18T19:39:12+00:00
  • No, to make a name change, it has to be done at the Office of Motor Vehicles. The local New Iberia office is open to walk-ins. Expresslane.org has the locations of the Office of Motor Vehicles in Louisiana.
Can I renew my Driver’s license at this location?2023-10-18T19:38:37+00:00
  • Yes
Does your location issue CDL’s?2023-10-18T19:38:18+00:00
  • No, you must go to the OMV on Main St in New Iberia.
How much does a Driver’s license cost?2023-10-18T19:37:42+00:00
  • Cost varies depending on age and expiration date.
Can I get a Driver’s license at your location?2023-10-18T19:37:11+00:00
  • Yes, if you have had one in Louisiana before, we can renew or duplicate your license.
How much does an ID Cost?2023-10-18T19:36:39+00:00
  • Cost varies depending on age.
Can I get an ID at Brothers Title Co?2023-10-18T19:19:23+00:00
  • Yes, if you have had a Louisiana license.
Do you do endorsements or changes on my auto or homeowners policy?2023-10-18T19:17:26+00:00
  • Yes, depending on your insurance carrier. You can visit the office to make changes for Progressive, Safeway, and National General policyholders.  Progressive policyholders may make changes online or by phone.
Are you open on Saturday?2023-10-18T19:16:23+00:00
  • We are open Monday through Friday, 9 am to 5 pm. Drive-through is available for insurance payments. We are not open on Saturday.
Can I get a quote on auto insurance?2023-10-18T19:12:59+00:00
  • Yes, come into the office at 805 Weldon St, New Iberia, or call 337-369-5433 or complete your request here.
Do you write homeowner’s insurance?2023-11-13T19:30:13+00:00
  • Yes, through Progressive Insurance
Do you handle renter’s insurance?2023-10-18T19:12:04+00:00
  • Yes, through Progressive Insurance.
Can I make my payment by phone with you?2023-10-18T19:11:16+00:00
  • Yes, If we are your agent.
Can you tell me when my insurance payment is due?2023-10-18T19:10:54+00:00
  • Yes, if we are your agent.
Can I get a passport photo at your location?2023-10-18T19:10:29+00:00
  • Yes
How do I get fingerprinting services?2023-11-13T19:29:08+00:00
Can a document signed by another person be notarized?2023-09-26T15:09:45+00:00

No. The individual signing the document needs to be physically present and sign it in front of the Notary after showing a valid ID or other acceptable documents

Acceptable Forms of ID2023-09-26T15:07:36+00:00

We accept any original government-issued ID along with other official documents. (Driver’s License, State ID, Passport, and TWIC Card)

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